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SKU : CVD17-122
Size : 6.5"W X 3.0"H

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    Follow Steps to Redeem Pig Points

    Step 1. Follow the directions on the pump. Insert or scan your Rewards Card
    at the pump. Hold your Rewards Card under the scanner with the
    barcode facing the scanner. This must be done first or you will NOT be
    able to redeem Pig Points.
    Step 2. Answer the questions on the pump screen. Answer the questions
    on the pump screen and confirm the fuel discount has been given
    before moving onto Step 3.
    Step 3. Select method of payment or insert your credit or debit card.
    Step 4. Remove nozzle and place in gas tank.
    Step 5. Select the appropriate yellow fuel grade button. If pumps do not
    have the yellow fuel grade buttons, proceed to step #6.
    Step 6. Pump fuel.

    ***Please upgrade your Pig cards***


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    SIZE: 6.5"W x 3"H